Antwerp church opens to students looking for cool place to study

Antwerp church opens to students looking for cool place to study
Credit: Duffel

A church in the Antwerp province is opening its doors to students who have resits coming up, so they can have a cool place to study during the heatwave.

As the temperatures are expected to remain high for some time, students were invited to come study for their exams at the Saint-Franciscan Church in the municipality of Duffel by Rob Allaert, the deacon.

"We have foreseen 20 to 22 places for students, taking into account the necessary space between them, and they are all full," Allaert said in an interview with VRT.

Normally, many students in Duffel study for their resists in the library, but the building is temporarily closed due to works.

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"I came to study here because it is way to warm at home at the moment," student Margot Blihi told VRT. "It is a really nice place, quiet, cool."

Since Monday, the church opens to students every day, including during weekends, from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM, and has made sure it can offer wifi, electricity and cooled water to the students. Everyone who wants to study in the church, has to reserve a spot ahead of time, to comply with the current coronavirus measures.

Wearing a face mask is mandatory when going to your place, but can come off once seated.

Maïthé Chini

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