Coronavirus: Nearly 350,000 contaminated

Coronavirus: Nearly 350,000 contaminated
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The new coronavirus (Covid-19) has affected a total of 341,722 people and has taken 14,765 lives so far, Johns Hopkins University reported on its website on Monday.

According to Johns Hopkins' calculations, China has the largest amount of people infected with 81,454 cases, with Italy and the United States in second and third place, reporting 59,138 and 35,224 cases respectively. Spain (29,909), Germany (24,904) and Iran (21,638) are also being hit particularly hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Most coronavirus-related deaths have occurred in Italy (5,476), with China (3,153), Spain (1,813) and France (674) being the next three countries with the most deaths.

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On the positive side, 98,869 people in total have been cured, including 59,882 in China, where a potential vaccine has recently been developed that is being prepared for human testing.

While it's too early to say that the peak is over in Belgium, today's numbers show "a slight decrease in confirmed new cases and the number of deaths," virologist Steven Van Gucht said. While it remains unclear when the coronavirus pandemic will be under control, countries including Italy, France and Belgium are likely to continue their lockdowns past the current dates.

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