The Recap: Lambda, Stolen Art & Parental Consent

The Recap: Lambda, Stolen Art & Parental Consent
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European Court: You can’t copyright the sound of a fizzy drink: The General Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg has ruled that a company may not register the sound of a fizzy drinks can as a company trademark.

Flanders and Wallonia will soon turn orange on European map again: Flanders and Wallonia, currently both green zones on the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)’s travel map, will likely turn orange again soon, experts stated at a press conference on Wednesday.

Declining trend in Belgium’s Covid figures ‘has been broken,’ warns Van Gucht: Belgium’s coronavirus figures have stopped decreasing, as the number of infections is rising and the hospitalisations have stopped falling as well, experts stated at a press conference on Wednesday.

12 to 15 year-olds can get vaccinated with parental consent: Young people between the ages of 12 and 15 can now also get vaccinated against the coronavirus in Belgium if they have parental consent, the Inter-Ministerial Conference (IMC) on Health decided on Wednesday.

New lambda variant makes an appearance in Belgium: A new variant of the coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 has now spread to over 30 countries, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has announced. The so-called lambda variant has in one case been traced in Belgium.

Brussels university receives grant to promote alternatives for animal testing: The Free University of Brussels (VUB) has been awarded a grant of €250,000 to launch a regional platform to promote alternative methods for animal testing.

Hunger-striking asylum seekers turn away medical help: A group of around 200 migrants who are on hunger strike in Brussels have entered the Beguinage church in the centre of town and closed the doors to all medical help.

Belgium leads in systematically returning stolen art: The federal government has promised to return art and remains looted illegally from the Congo, which was a Belgian colony for almost 80 years in total.

Dutch investigative journalist gunned down in the street: Police are investigating the shooting yesterday evening on the street in Amsterdam of Peter R. de Vries, perhaps the country’s most famous investigative journalist.

Delta accounts for nearly 90% of Portugal’s new cases: The Delta variant now accounts for almost 90% of new coronavirus cases detected in Portugal, according to a report published on Tuesday.

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