The Recap: The Belgian Ambassador's Wife

The Recap: The Belgian Ambassador's Wife
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Portugal and most of Spain colour red on European coronavirus map: All of Portugal and most of Spain have turned red again on the latest update of the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)’s travel map on Thursday.

‘24 infected already’: travel organisation recalls 350 young people from Spain: Youth travel organisation Summer Bash has decided to immediately bring all 350 young people currently on holiday in Spain back to Belgium, after many of them already tested positive for Covid-19.

Is Belgium in breach of human rights of sans-papiers? UN investigates: The United Nations has intervened to investigate the situation of the undocumented migrants known as sans-papiers currently on hunger strike inside the Beguinage church in Brussels.

More accessible, more seats: STIB’s newest metro hits the tracks: After several months of test rides, Brussels public transport operator STIB launched its new M7 metro on Thursday, which will make the network more accessible for people with a disability.

Faith in independence of courts and juries increased in Belgium: Around two-thirds of people living in Belgium have faith in the independence of the national judicial system, according to the European Commission’s annual EU Justice Scoreboard published on Thursday.

Bird in engine forced Belgian flight to turn back after take-off: A Brussels Airlines flight from Brussels Airport in Zaventem was forced to turn back shortly after take-off on Thursday morning after a bird became stuck in the engine.

Alpha to Lambda: The variants explained: All viruses, including SARS-CoV-2, the virus causing Covid-19, mutate and change with time – that’s how we end up with variants. While the news is dominated by new cases of the latest virus strains, it’s easy to lose track of what this actually means.

Dutch government considers new restrictions as infections rise: In the Netherlands, the government is said to be considering new restrictions, especially the closing of nightclubs and banning events again, various Dutch media report based official sources.

Belgian ambassador to South Korea called back urgently following wife’s second fight: The Belgian ambassador to South Korea has been recalled even earlier than expected as a result of his wife recently becoming involved in a second fight just months after slapping a shopkeeper.

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