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Coronavirus: Forest Park allows people on the grass again

After "many comments from citizens," the municipality has decided to lift the ban. Credit: Belga

The Brussels municipality of Forest, which last week banned people from the grass in its park to contain the further spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), announced that it is now again allowed.

After “many comments from citizens,” the municipality has decided to lift the ban, making it again allowed to walk on the grass.

Last week, Stéphane Roberti, the mayor of the Brussels’ municipality of Forest, announced that people were banned from the grass in the Forest Park, as the social distance measures were not respected before. “Access to the park must be reserved as a priority for people who do not have their own garden and live in cramped housing,” Roberti said last week.

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On Monday, Roberti, citing Belgium’s National Security Council, said that “physical activity is allowed, provided that this activity is carried out only between family members living under the same roof, or with always the same friend,” and also referred to the measures in a Facebook post.

“However, we are asking citizens to respect the recommended health measures, including social distancing and not hanging around on the grass or the benches. The park is designed to give people a breath of fresh air and a chance to walk around,” said Estelle Toscanucci, a spokesperson for the municipality, to BX1.

Citizens who do not respect the measures can still be fined by the police.

Maïthé Chini
The Brussels Times