Lockdown-exit group working on a coronavirus threat-level system

Lockdown-exit group working on a coronavirus threat-level system
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Experts tasked with steering Belgium out of the coronavirus lockdown are working on a threat-level system for the coronavirus pandemic.

The threat-level analysis would work similarly to the five-level system currently used to rate the threat of terrorism at any given moment in the country.

For each level in the system there would be a series of accompanying measures which could be applied throughout the country or at a more local level, De Standaard reports.

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The measures would range from a full-out lockdown to more targetted closures or restrictions.

Virologist Marc Van Ranst, a member of the GEES experts group, said that the threat-level system is a “work in progress” but declined to provide further information to the outlet.

Education representatives are calling for clarity, with one director-general for religious education in Flanders, Lieven Boeve, saying that schools needed to know what the next academic year would look like.

“Headmasters need to know in which world they will start school on September 1 by mid-July,” Boeve said, adding that it was not yet known how many levels the system would work with.

“We suspect four or five — from a full reopening to a new lockdown,” she said.

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