What's on the agenda for Belgium's Security Council today?

What's on the agenda for Belgium's Security Council today?
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Belgium's National Security Council has been meeting since 9:00 AM this morning to evaluate the current coronavirus measures and discuss perspectives for how the country has to deal with the crisis in the long term.

The authorities aim to implement long-term health regulations, which will move the country from "crisis management" to "risk management," as Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès said a month ago.

High on the agenda will be looking for an alternative way to limit close social contacts, as a committee of experts suggested to replace the so-called "bubble of five" with a more flexible solution, linked to a number of more localised indicators per province.

Another subject on the agenda is likely the creation of an adequate framework for measures to supervise gatherings, particularly if they take place indoors.

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Additionally, a revision of the colour code system for travelling abroad could also be discussed, after Foreign Affairs Minister Philippe Goffin announced that decision that Belgium will lift the ban on travelling to red-zone destinations from Friday.

On top of that, a potential reduction of the mandatory quarantine period, currently 14 days, could also be discussed.

The current face mask rules could also be updated, for example by making sure that wearing a mask will no longer be mandatory in forests or on empty streets. A revision of this rule was already expected during the previous National Security Council on 20 August, but no changes were made then.

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