Guests 'already had Covid-19,' organiser of Brussels sex party says

Guests 'already had Covid-19,' organiser of Brussels sex party says
The sex party took place in one of the appartments above the bar on the Rue des Pierres. Credit: Belga/Laurie Dieffembacq

David Manzheley, who organised the sex party in Brussels with 25 attendees where Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer was also present, does not see the problem as all guests had already had coronavirus.

Manzheley (29) regularly organises sex parties in his apartment, he told Het Laatste Nieuws, but he was not aware that one of his guests was an MEP, he added. "He is a friend of a friend. At my parties, I always invite a few friends, who in turn bring a few friends, and then we have fun together."

While Manzheley said that he realises the gathering was illegal in view of the coronavirus restrictions in force in Belgium, he also said that he and his guests had been very careful.

"All my guests must have already had Covid-19, and must not have any symptoms," he said. "I trust that my friends would not lie about it."

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"To be honest, I do not see what the problem is. There were two nurses present as well, they did not think it was dangerous either," Manzheley said.

"We talk a little, we drink a little - like in a café. The only difference is that in the meantime we also have sex. I do not see what is wrong with it. We are all adults, everything happens with mutual consent," he added.

When the police arrived, over 20 people were in the apartment. Everyone's identity was checked, according to a statement by the Brussels public prosecutor's office.

"The police were saying 'ID card, right now!' but we were not even wearing underpants. How were we supposed to show our identity card?" Manzheley said.

Two people, identified only as "D. O. (1977) and P. B. (1987)" by the public prosecutor, invoked diplomatic immunity.

Additionally, the Hungarian MEP, Jozsef Szajer, issued a statement on Tuesday in which he admitted that he was present at what he calls “a private party," and apologised for breaking the rules.

All attendees were issued a €250 fine.

Maïthé Chini

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