Brussels drainpipe commemorates Jozsef Szajer's sex party escape

Brussels drainpipe commemorates Jozsef Szajer's sex party escape
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The drainpipe used by Hungarian MEP Jozsef Szajer when he attempted to flee a 25 person sex party in the centre of Brussels has been given a temporary commemorative sign telling the story, according to reports.

"The political career of Jozsef Szajer, MEP of Fidesz and the EPP, ended here when he tried to flee the authorities using this gutter after attending an illegal ecstasy fuelled orgy amid the Covid-19 pandemic on Friday 27th November 2020," it says on the sign.

The Hungarian politician and MEP resigned after he was caught at the party in Brussels last week, where he received a fine for violating Belgium’s coronavirus measures. Szajer is a prominent member of Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s Fidesz party.

The MEP allegedly tried to flee via a drainpipe when the police entered, but he was caught and questioned, he explained in a statement after the news broke last Tuesday.

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“After the police asked for my identity- since I did not have ID on me – I declared that I was a MEP,” Szajer said. “The police continued the process and finally issued an official verbal warning and transported me home.”

The police were alerted by neighbours who complained about noise and potential breaches of measures related to the Covid-19 pandemic in an apartment on Rue des Pierres in Brussels, according to a statement by the Brussels’ prosecutor’s office.

Reports after the event have pointed to 2 other members also invoking diplomatic immunity, however, they have not been named.

“In the apartment, the police found about twenty persons. The identity of all those present was checked. Two of these persons, D. O. (1977) and P. B. (1987), invoked diplomatic immunity,” the statement said.

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