College of Europe closes communal spaces after lockdown parties

College of Europe closes communal spaces after lockdown parties
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The College of Europe in Bruges has officially announced that it will close all common spaces in student residences after the latest of several lockdown parties held on the campus.

On Friday evening, several people, including College of Europe students, were caught by police during a Sinterklaas party. “The students present were not wearing face masks and social distance was not respected,” police spokesperson Lien Depoorter told Het Laatste Nieuws.

On top of that, another group of students from the College were present at another lockdown party in a residential building of the college, reports a local newspaper.

“A dozen or so students started fleeing. At both addresses, 16 official reports were drawn up,” said Depoorter.

Following the news that the College will close common spaces, the Mayor of Bruges, Dirk De fauw (CD&V), explained that he hopes there will be an end to rulebreaking.

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“I had contact with the rector yesterday and he fully supports the fact that the police are being strict with the students in the various residences. The College of Europe itself has decided to close off the common areas, such as the living areas where there is a television, to the students. In this way, parties can no longer be organised indoors”.

This incident is the latest of several involving the college, which has six residences in Bruges, home to students from various European countries as they prepare themselves for high positions within Europe.

In June, students from the College also came into disrepute when they threw a party with over a hundred people, and provoked and insulted the police when they arrived on the scene.

A few weeks ago, the police had to act in one of the residences for gatherings. In September, hundreds of College of Europe students had to be quarantined after a whole series of Covid-19 infections.

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