Flanders invests extra €150 million in cycle paths

Flanders invests extra €150 million in cycle paths
Credit: Belga

The Flemish government is investing an additional €150 million in cycling infrastructure in support of local administrations.

For every two euros a local administration has decided to invest in cycling paths, the Flemish government will invest another euro, leading to a total investment of €450 million, Flemish Minister for Home Affairs Bart Somers said.

“More and more Flemings use the bicycle. We are therefore making additional investments in more and better cycle paths,” Somers wrote on his website.

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The amount comes on top of €335 million for cycling infrastructure pledged by Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters through relaunch funds.

The €150 million in funding is being called the Copenhagen plan as it “looks to the north. In Copenhagen, they are leading the way in bicycle investments. Flanders cannot stay behind,” Somers said.

Jason Spinks

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