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Belgium in Brief: Brussels Vs. Uber

Credit: Belga

The latest move in Brussels’ seemingly endless fight with Uber has seen the region leave the rideshare company all but unable to operate, and up to 2,000 Uber drivers confused.

So what happened? Why is Uber trending in Belgium (again)?

Well, a new decision from the Brussels government has made it so that Uber drivers using a smartphone and geolocation to fulfil contracts can be fined and have their car confiscated, despite being a fundamental part of how the business operates.

So, to break that down, any Uber driver doing exactly what is required of them to be an Uber driver could lose big.

Brussels Minister-President Rudi Vervoort says: “It is the system itself that is reprehensible. The question is, what kind of future we want to give to passenger transport in Brussels?”

Uber says: the regulations are still under investigation by the Constitutional Court, it’s “incomprehensible” that measures are being taken against 2,000 drivers.

Critics say: “It’s like asking a cook to stop using pots and pans.”

So what do you say?
Is Uber not special?
Is the call from Brussels just?
Do things have to change?
Could this seriously impact your life?

Let @johnstonjules know on Twitter.

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Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times