Belgium in Brief: Supporting Local (Football)

Belgium in Brief: Supporting Local (Football)

I’m not Belgian, but I do support the Red Devils any time I can.

Shocking, I know, but let me explain.

I grew up in a place that’s not exactly known for its international football ability. Scotland is the kind of team where the fans are just excited to be included, no matter how briefly, so that’s what I got used to.

I’m not a big football fan, but I’m a sucker for an excitable crowd. Walking through the city centre and seeing a sea of red cheering on their team was excellent, and I want to be part of that.

My team is currently still in the running, and if they surpass expectations, I might keep supporting them.

But if things go wrong (when things go wrong?), at least I have a promising backup.

So who are you supporting? Have you already got a backup? Let @johnstonjules know.

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1. Belgium’s Consultative Committee: What’s up for discussion?

Belgium’s Consultative Committee is meeting again this afternoon to discuss the planned relaxations for July.

The Committee will meet in person from 2:00 PM, and its decisions will be announced during a press conference afterwards, the cabinet of Prime Minister Alexander De Croo confirmed to The Brussels Times. Read more.

2. Antwerp’s foundling hatch has a new occupant – baby Finn

© Belga

Antwerp’s famous hatch for abandoned babies has received a new inhabitant, the city’s mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) – also the baby’s official guardian – has announced. Read more.

3. Average new coronavirus infections per day drop below 700

The number of new coronavirus infections in Belgium has dropped to its lowest point since the start of September last year, according to the latest figures from the Sciensano Public Health Institute published on Friday morning. Read more.

4. Cancellation of Tomorrowland: politicians working on possible solutions

Following the announcement that Tomorrowland’s request to organise its festival this year was denied on Thursday, several politicians are working on solutions to overturn the decision. Read more.

5. Brussels government will not appeal STIB headscarf ruling

The government of Brussels region has decided not to appeal a decision by the public transport authority STIB to stand by a ruling of the labour tribunal in favour of a Muslim woman who was twice turned down for a job because she wears a hijab. Read more.

6. Bozar announces lineup for free open-air cinema

A free open-air cinema by the Bozar cultural centre in Brussels, will take over the area between the entrance and the adjacent building to broadcast a selection of films throughout June. Read more.

7. Two free PCR tests for travel available from 28 June

The two free tests which will be offered to people who have not yet had the chance to be vaccinated against the coronavirus will be available from Monday 28 June, Federal Public Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke announced on Thursday. Read more.

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