Belgium in Brief: Is Brussels Great For Singles?

Belgium in Brief: Is Brussels Great For Singles?
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A new study has suggested that Brussels is in the top cities in Europe for singles, so today I'd like to know... is it?

Anecdotal evidence from friends and colleagues seems to suggest it's a little more complex than relying on successful Tinder matches and population density, but that also assumes that singles all want the same thing.

What's great for one single might be different for another, quite frankly I have no idea - so I'm turning to you. 

What makes a city great for singles? Have your experiences been so great? or are we dealing with something so subjective that it's hard to pin down?

Let @johnstonjules know.

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2.Brussels named 12th best city for singles in Europe

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3. Children too often exposed to unhealthy food advertising, says Sciensano

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4. Flanders wants you to eat more skate

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6. Antwerp councillor quizzed over fatal crossing decision

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7. Number of coronavirus deaths increasing in Belgium

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