New vaccination centre opens in Koekelberg town hall

New vaccination centre opens in Koekelberg town hall
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A new vaccination centre will be open from Thursday until 10 November in the Koekelberg town hall – a commune in the northwest of Brussels – not far from the Simonis metro station.

According to the office of Mayor Ahmed Laaouej, the centre was set up with the help of the medical services of the Joint Community Commission (CoCom).

The institution has been gradually decentralising vaccination since the beginning of the summer.

The Koekelberg vaccination unit will offer the Pfizer vaccine. It will be open without an appointment, during the opening hours of the municipal administration. There will also be appointments every Tuesday until 7:00 PM.

Koekelberg has been stepping up initiatives to raise awareness of vaccination among its residents, including letters to target audiences, free taxi vouchers to go to a vaccination centre, outreach work carried out by the prevention service and the presence of Vacci-Bus at important events.

“We are delighted that this local branch project, which we would have liked to see set up several months ago, has come to fruition and we intend to continue our daily work in the field to raise awareness of the need for vaccination coverage,” commented Laaouej.

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This push to increase opportunities for vaccination in the Brussels region comes after Belgium’s Prime Minister Alexander De Croo criticised those choosing not to be vaccinated.

While some relaxations were announced for Flanders, the low(er) vaccination rates in Wallonia and particularly the Brussels-Captial Region mean that the other regions still have to apply stricter rules.

“We see that in certain regions, like Brussels, for example, just half of the population (51%) has been fully vaccinated. That situation is both unacceptable and unsustainable,” De Croo said at the press conference after the Consultative Committee on Friday

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