Third vaccination causes Covid Safe Ticket to turn red

Third vaccination causes Covid Safe Ticket to turn red
The health pass will be required from 1 November. Credit: Belga

People who have already received a third coronavirus vaccine shot can suddenly no longer request a Covid Safe Ticket (CST) in the CovidSafeBE app to gain access to an event, as their screen will turn red.

The issue is caused by the fact that the QR code that appears in the app after the third vaccination works the same way as a QR code of the second shot, Barbara Van Den Haute of Digital Flanders, which develops the CovidSafeBE app, confirmed to VRT.

“That code is only valid 14 days after complete vaccination. That is why you get a red screen immediately after your third shot,” she said.

This way, the government protects the privacy of the app users, as only people with a weakened immune system are currently getting a third shot.

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“We want to avoid that everyone who scans the QR code immediately knows that a visitor has a medical problem so the third vaccine is indicated in the app as a second vaccine,” said Van Den Haute.

Now that the government decided to also offer all over-65s a third shot, adjustments will have to be made to the app. “Otherwise this will become more and more of a problem. We are working on a solution at the European level,” she added.

Until that change is made, users can bypass the problem by simply showing the QR code of their second dose if they want to go to an event in the first 14 days after their booster shot.

Additionally, a button that automatically directs users to their second vaccine certificate will also be added to the app, says Van Den Haute.

More information about the app and the different certificates can be found on the CovidSafeBe website.

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