Belgium in Brief: Not So Brief

Belgium in Brief: Not So Brief

Hey there, happy Friday. Almost the weekend, TGIF and all of that.

So, you’ve been keeping up with the new rules. No?

Ok, we can deal, but I’m going to keep this short because you’ve got a lot of reading (below) ahead of you.

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1. Mandatory from Monday: the new rules for Belgium’s Covid Safe Ticket

From Monday 1 November, presenting the Covid Safe Ticket (CST) will become mandatory in all hospitality businesses and fitness centres throughout Belgium. Read more.

2. Pandemic law, back to face masks: these rules change from today

Credit: Belga

As the epidemiological situation in Belgium is getting worse again, the authorities have activated the pandemic law and are reversing some of their previous relaxations from today. Read more.

3. Belgium relaxes testing rules for UK travellers

At the Consultative Committee meeting on Tuesday, the Belgian authorities decided to relax the testing policy for travellers entering the country from the United Kingdom. Here’s more. 

4. ‘Long border control queues and delayed flights’: Action at Belgian airports

As the autumn break kicks in, tens of thousands of travellers passing through Brussels and Charleroi airports on Friday could face delays as the police at the border controls are planning a work-to-rule action. Read More.

5. More than 6,000 new Covid-19 cases on daily basis

Between 19 and 25 October, an average of 6,096 new coronavirus infections were identified every day – a 68% increase from the previous seven days, according to the latest figures published by the Sciensano Public Health Institute on Friday morning. Read more.

6. In Photos: Animals of Antwerp Zoo get a Halloween treat

It may be a few days before Halloween, but the animals of Antwerp Zoo have already received their treat – a Halloween pumpkin to enjoy. Here’s more.

7. The Quiz: Zoos, Rules & Travel

Do you consider yourself a news buff? Someone constantly on top of what’s going on? Try out the quiz.

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