Belgium in Brief: A Very Cold Shower

Belgium in Brief: A Very Cold Shower

In a slightly odd move, today we’re focusing on some comments made BEFORE the Consultative Committee revealed its broad measures to avoid another lockdown.

Speaking ahead of Wednesday’s Consultative Committee meeting, N-VA chairperson and Antwerp mayor Bart De Wever commented that while new measures made sense, they were going to be a “very cold shower” for those who saw the vaccine as a ticket back to normality.

This pandemic has in many ways shown us how governments have been forced to react to the situation on the fly. The Consultative Committee is a prime example. Every update seems based on new info, with every prediction delivered with the necessary hedging because there is a chance things could change.

“These decisions are not easy. For many people they are undoubtedly disappointing,” said Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke yesterday. “But this is an absolute minimum.”

“Right now, we have an explosion of infections. I will give one figure that will also be on the Sciensano dashboard tomorrow: on 8 November, there were 15,224 infections in our country. The provisional figure for Monday, 15 November is 19,306,” he added.

“This is truly an explosion of infections. We must intervene everywhere and strongly,” Vandenbroucke said, stressing that checks and controls will be stricter from now on as well.

So, was this news a very cold shower for you?

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