Over €1.9 per litre: Petrol more expensive again from tomorrow

Over €1.9 per litre: Petrol more expensive again from tomorrow
Photo by Helen Lyons/The Brussels Times

From Saturday, filling up a car tank with petrol will become more expensive again with prices rising to over €1.9, the Federal Public Economy Service announced on Friday.

For a litre of petrol 95 (E10), the maximum price increases by 6.4 cents to €1.9030. The maximum price of a litre of petrol 98 (E5) will even exceed €2, as it rises to €2.011/litre, according to the FPS Economy.

A full tank of Super 95 will cost €3.20 more than before, and €4 more for Super 98, according to calculations made by the price comparing mazout.com website.

With this rise, the petrol price is almost back at the record high in mid-March, when it went up as high as €1.95 per litre for petrol 95, and above €2.02 per litre for petrol 98.

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The Federal Government then introduced a temporary reduction on excise duties on fuels, lowering the price at the pump, at least until 30 September. However, part of that reduction has already been lost. Still, the price of petrol would have been a lot higher without that measure.

Heating oil will also become more expensive on Saturday, with a maximum price of €1.3402 per litre (+0.0211) for refuelling from 2,000 litres. According to the FPS Economy, the higher prices for petrol and heating oil are the result of higher quotations for oil products or bio components on the international markets.

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