Bpost tries out reusable parcel packaging

Bpost tries out reusable parcel packaging
Credit: Bpost group

The leading Belgium postal operator, Bpost, launched a pilot project on Tuesday, 28 June, in collaboration with Hipli, a French company focused on sustainable packaging. The project aims to make postal services more sustainable by introducing reusable packaging that can be used 100 times.

The reusable mailing bags will be used to ship Torfs, A.S.Adventure and Juttu orders to customers, the Bpost group noted in a press release. From 29 June to 29 September, Torfs customers can expect to receive their orders in Hipli’s reusable packaging. Torfs expects to ship around 4,000 customer orders in reusable, water-tight and tear-proof bags during the three-month pilot project.

A.S. Adventure and Juttu will use the service starting in August. A.S.Adventure has committed to 2,000 responsible shipments.

Credit: Hipli

After receiving the parcel, customers can simply return the packaging to any Bpost red box or other drop-off points where it will be picked up, cleaned and prepared for the next use. The packaging is cleaned by ETA123, a sheltered workshop in Beauraing which hires people with disabilities.

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According to a lifecycle analysis by Hipli, using reusable bags reduces the carbon footprint of every shipment by 83% compared with cardboard packaging. Bpost group said this is a step to make themselves the “most sustainable e-commerce logistics operator in every country where it has a presence.”

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