Survey shows that 66% of Walloon drivers aim to obey speed limits

Survey shows that 66% of Walloon drivers aim to obey speed limits
Credit: Bruno Fahy/Belga.

Due to the number of speed cameras that have doubled in the region since 2019, two-thirds of drivers in Wallonia are now more mindful about respecting speed limits.

On Monday, the Walloon Agency for Road Safety (AWSR) released the findings of a survey they conducted among motorists in the region to see how they adhered to speed limits since the implementation of new speed cameras.

The data showed that over half of drivers in Wallonia (52%) said seeing a speed camera encouraged them to stay under the speed limits on the roads for the rest of their journey.

As a result, one in three motorists believes that they have a higher chance of having their speed detected in Southern Belgium.

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Furthermore, the agency notes that, since the end of the pandemic, the number of speeding offences registered by police more than doubled in 2021 compared to 2020 (from 17,992 in 2020 to 36,255 in 2021).

This was particularly true in zones with a 30km/h speed limits, where 55% of respondents said it was difficult to stay under the speed limit.

The AWSR explained that this is because "one in four Walloons felt pressured to go faster by other cars, and one in five thought that their vehicles were not built to travel at such speeds (30 km/h)."

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