Antwerp University investigates student over suspected Chat GPT-generated paper

Antwerp University investigates student over suspected Chat GPT-generated paper
Credit: Jasper Jacobs / Belga

The University of Antwerp is investigating whether a student wrote an academic paper using ChatGPT, a new application and website that can create complex texts via artificial intelligence (AI).

The University confirmed in an article published by RTBF that it has a very strong suspicion that the student used ChatGPT to write the paper. "We are far from certain, but we are conducting an investigation," a spokesperson for the University said.

ChatGPT is an online search engine and writing robot, which can create texts that are very difficult to differentiate from those written by a human being.

Many schools and universities are thinking about how to deal with this new technology and what it means for their students. The University of Antwerp has announced in the wake of the discovery that it will develop an action plan on artificial intelligence.

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"We want to deal with it in a good way in the future,” the spokesperson added. “On the one hand, we will punish the student if it is proved they used AI, on the other hand we have to realise and accept that tools are here to stay and will only get better. We want to look at how we can embrace such systems and implement them in our education in a controlled way."

"But of course, the use of Chat GPT and other AI tools is not permissible when students use it instead of their own knowledge, insight or skills,” the spokesperson concluded “Our examination regulations already allow us to take action against such irregularities."

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