Speed-pedelecs found to be replacing car use in Brussels

Speed-pedelecs found to be replacing car use in Brussels
Credit: Pexels/ Pixabay.

Brussels residents are continuing to use speed-pedelecs instead of cars, a new survey by Brussels Mobility suggests.

50.5% of survey respondents said that they currently use speed-pedelecs, also known as electrically assisted pedal bicycles (EAPCs), for journeys for which they would have previously used a car.

The current number of trips to and from the Brussels Capital Region using EAPCs is estimated at 600 per day. Brussels Mobility expects that this figure will increase to more than 12,000 trips per day by 2030, based on the results of the new study.

"Offering alternatives to the personal car is the goal we will pursue throughout the legislature, for reasons of fluidity but also the air quality and friendliness of the city," said Brussels Minister for Mobility, Elke Van Den Brandt.

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"Small carbon footprint, low pollutant and the ability to travel long distances, the speed-pedelec can be an interesting alternative to the personal car for the people of Brussels and commuters," the minister added.

As part of efforts to increase their usage, Brussels Mobility plans to improve the infrastructure for EAPCs in Brussels.

The new mobility regional plan, also known as 'Good Move', includes the implementation of a 'PLUS Bike' network, which provides a network of cycle paths with routes allowing for inter-regional connectedness.

Evie McCullough

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