A third of Brussels drivers feel they drive more aggresively
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A third of Brussels drivers feel they drive more aggresively

Brussels drivers feel more aggressive since the coronavirus crisis. Credit: Pixabay

More than three in ten drivers (35%) in Brussels feel they behave more aggressively in traffic since the start of the coronavirus crisis, according to a survey by traffic institute Vias.

The increased feelings of aggression while on the road was stronger in Flanders (36%) and Wallonia (42%).

These aggressive feelings stem from the fact that some drivers drive faster when traffic is less dense, which has been the case in Belgium since measures intended to curb the spread of coronavirus came into force.

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The wide survey of issues facing drivers also asked for opinions of new infrastructure put in place recently for pedestrians and cyclists. These include new bicycle paths or 30 zones, all arguably to the detriment of the car.

Nearly 2 in 3 (65%) supported these changes, and more than 3 in 4 (78%) think the changes should remain.

However, more than half the people surveyed (52%) said they thought traffic would go back to normal after the coronavirus crisis is over.

The pandemic’s impact on mobility can also be seen in the fact that new car sales dropped by more than 21% in 2020. In fact, registrations for all new vehicles dropped, except for scooters and motorbikes.

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