Brussels nursing home staff gets vaccinated from Tuesday

Brussels nursing home staff gets vaccinated from Tuesday
Credit: Belga

Brussels nursing staff working in nursing homes and residential care centres will receive their first vaccinations on Tuesday.

The Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine doses will be delivered on Tuesday and can be administered immediately.

Everything is going according to plan, according to Brussels social protection agency Iriscare. At the same time, as it is possible to take not five, but six doses from a vial, almost 2,000 staff members have already received their first vaccination last week.

Those 2,000 staff members include those who are not part of the core staff of the care home, such as physiotherapists, informal carers or volunteers, according to Sven Heyndrickx from Iriscare.

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“If there is a surplus, it will go to the fire brigade. Last week we also vaccinated about 80 of them,” Heyndrickx added.

By the end of the week, all residents of Brussels nursing homes will have received their first injection and the second round of vaccinations should have started.

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