Heysel vaccination centre awaiting vaccine delivery to open

Heysel vaccination centre awaiting vaccine delivery to open
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The vaccination centre at Brussels’ Heysel site will be ready from Monday to vaccinate 5,000 people per day, but will have to wait another two weeks until the vaccines are delivered.

Inge Neven of the Joint Community Commission’s (COCOM) hygiene inspection and Brussels Mayor Philippe Close unveiled the site on Thursday.

The centre has 20 adjacent booths, where every four minutes as many people can be vaccinated simultaneously as soon as the centre opens.

After the injection, patients will have to wait fifteen minutes under medical supervision in separate rooms to ensure that no allergic reactions or complications occur.

The vaccination centre in Heysel will be one of the largest in the country and will be able to vaccinate up to 100,000 people per month. A total of ten vaccination centres will open in Brussels, making it possible to administer 200,000 to 300,000 vaccines per month.

"We will be vaccinating front-line health workers during the month of February, although this may be a little late,” Neven said.

“In March, we will vaccinate people aged 65 and over as well as people with specific co-morbidities.”

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The Brussels-Capital Region had initially planned to open four centres on 1 February, including the one in Heysel.

While the opening was delayed by the lack of vaccines, Pfizer's plant in Belgium has said on Wednesday that its vaccine production schedule was back on track.

A vaccination centre will open next week in Pacheco, just next to the Saint-Jean clinic in the centre of Brussels.

This centre, which has a large space for storing and preparing vaccines, will supply other hospitals and vaccination centres in Brussels.

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