Everyone in Brussels to live within 250m of an electric vehicle charger by 2022

Everyone in Brussels to live within 250m of an electric vehicle charger by 2022
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By 2022, every Brussels inhabitant will live within 250m of a charging point for an electric vehicle, the Brussels Minister for Climate Transition, Environment and Energy announced on Tuesday. 

A primary network of 250 charging stations for electric vehicles has already been installed in the Brussels region as part of the Charge.brussels project. This number will double in 2022 with a batch of 250 new charging points planned, explains the press release from Alain Maron – responsible for climate change, the environment and energy in Brussels.

"With this first batch of charging points, we will also install around thirty charging points exclusively dedicated to car-sharing, and we will test an innovative solution of charging points on public lighting," Maron explained.

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The Brussels government has said it intends to deploy 11,000 charging stations by 2035, aiming to transform the capital's car fleet and reduce transport-related CO2 emissions.

"Little by little, Brussels is preparing to allow motorists who do not have their own garage to acquire an electric vehicle," Brussels Minister of Mobility Elke Van den Brandt said on the news. 

"In addition to the sustainable mobility alternatives that are increasingly popular in Brussels (on foot, by bicycle, by public transport or even in shared cars), Brussels is moving towards a zero-emission fleet that will offer everyone a healthier environment."

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