STIB suspends ticket checks to fight coronavirus

STIB suspends ticket checks to fight coronavirus
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The Brussels public transport company STIB will take several preventive measures to contain the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), following the federal government's announcements on Thursday evening.

Ticket checks will be suspended temporarily, and the inspectors will be given other security tasks, STIB announced. "However, we want to stress that people must still have a valid ticket on them at all times," said STIB spokesperson An Van hamme to The Brussels Times, adding that the suspension of checks does not mean travellers forego paying for their tickets.

Additionally, the sale of tickets on STIB's public transport vehicles will also be suspended until 5 April, and travellers will only be able to pay electronically for their tickets at the different points of sale.

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"With these measures, we are trying to limit physical contact between people as much as possible, following the measures announced by the federal government," Van hamme said. "We want cash money to change hands as little as possible, which is why the sale of tickets on board the vehicles will be temporarily suspended," she added.

STIB's fleet will continue to run as it did before the government announced the measures to contain the further spread of the virus. "The schools will suspend classes, but they will not close, meaning our transport offer will remain the same," Van hamme said.

Maïthé Chini

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