STIB bus driver tests positive for coronavirus

STIB bus driver tests positive for coronavirus
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A STIB bus driver has tested positive for the new coronavirus, according to reports of an internally circulated company memo.

Company employees were informed of the driver's positive test results in a note which was internally circulated by the company and seen by RTBF.

STIB spokesperson Françoise Ledune said that the driver had last shown up to work on 14 May and that STIB would launch a "tracing procedure," the outlet reports.

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The news comes after STIB's transport network was rocked by work-stoppages last week by staff protesting for increased sanitary measures for drivers as the company sought to bring back services to full capacity.

The driver is believed to have been one of the drivers taking part in last week's protests, during which a central demand for drivers was for the company to impose quotas on the number of passengers allowed to board vehicles.

STIB said that it would be reaching out to the people who had had close contacts with the driver and informing them of the precautionary measures via "the Covid-19 call centre."

The company also said that it had urgently launched a cleaning operation for the common spaces of the bus depot Delta, in Auderghem, where the driver was affected.

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