Brussels Airlines reduces maximum weight for carry-on luggage

Brussels Airlines reduces maximum weight for carry-on luggage
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Brussels Airlines will be lowering the maximum weight for carry-on luggage on its flights by one third, down from 12 kg to 8 kg.

Passengers will be allowed to bring a small bag or backpack and one personal item on all short to medium-distance flights, as long as they do not exceed the 8 kg maximum, starting 1 September.

For economy class, the new weight limit will also be implemented on long-distance flights.

In addition to the hand luggage restriction, Brussels Airlines will be amending its rates for its three economy classes. The current business class pricing will be split up in two sections.

What these new fares will look like, has not yet been revealed to the public.

One Brussels Airlines representative told HLN that the “adjusted fares will cater more to the wishes of the customer”.

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“Passengers will be able to enjoy more options and flexibility for their tickets.”

Overall, the revisions will make Brussels Airlines’ rates more similar to those of parent company Lufthansa.

In addition to the Belgian flight company, both Austrian Airlines and Swiss International Airlines will be adjusting their pricing to Lufthansa, which should ultimately offer customers “a more consistent travel experience”.

On 21 July, Brussels Airlines received a €290 million loan from the Belgian government, on the condition that it would take measures to secure the company’s future.

The loan came after it became apparent that the airline was struggling financially during the pandemic, as it was forced to postpone its plans of expanding the flights offer starting August.

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