Three rioters from Ibrahima demonstration assigned ankle bracelets

Three rioters from Ibrahima demonstration assigned ankle bracelets
Credit: Belga

Three of the rioters who took place in the demonstrations held in the Schaerbeek neighbourhood of Brussels last month have been assigned to electronic surveillance via ankle bracelets.

14 people were arrested last week in connection with the riots following the death of Ibrahima Barrie, a 23-year-old man who died in police custody about an hour after he was arrested.

Some of the charges include deliberate arson at night on an occupied building, armed rebellion by multiple persons with prior meditation, property damage, and vehicle damage.

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The three now assigned to monitoring with the ankle bracelets are said to be adults involved in the fire that was started at the neighborhood police station in Schaerbeek, according to Bruzz. They will be released from prison after five days.

None of the rioters arrested so far are thought to have been involved in the attack of King Philippe’s car, which was pelted with rocks when it happened to pass through the neighborhood while the riots were taking place.

The investigation is still underway.

Helen Lyons

The Brussels Times

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