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Brussels Airport to install new baggage handling system

Brussels Airport will install a new baggage handling system in two years, trade unions said. Credit: © Belga

Brussels Airport will roll out a new baggage handling system in two years’ time, a union member said after a series of system breakdowns have repeatedly impacted flights at the airport in recent months.

“We have received guarantees that Brussels Airport will have a brand new baggage sorting system within two years,” Sandra Langenus, secretary for the FGTB-UBT trade union said, according to BX1.

The unions had been in talks with the airport after a breakdown of the baggage handling system at the weekend saw thousands of passengers fly off without their luggage.

A separate incident with the baggage belts in June saw some additional thousand passengers take off while their luggage stayed behind.

“The luggage handling system needs to be urgently updated,” Langenus told the outlet, adding that the underground baggage handling belts looked like they belong in a “bad documentary from the 70s.”

While the new system is installed, the airport said it will look to implement an alternative solution if the baggage belt breaks down again, Langenus said.

Gabriela Galindo
The Brussels Times