Police investigate Congolese protesters' link to burning car in European quarter

Police investigate Congolese protesters' link to burning car in European quarter
A car was set on fire in the middle of a busy street in the European quarter. Credit: CCDP INFOS/Facebook

A Facebook post by a group of politically active Congolese has triggered an investigation from police, who are seeking to determine whether the group are behind the setting of a car on fire in a busy street in Brussels.

On Tuesday, the fire brigade rushed to Rue Belliard, one of the busiest streets of the European quarter, after reports emerged that a car was on fire.

The flaming car was parked in the middle of the road at number 80, just a few metres from the European institutions and just ahead of the Belliard tunnel.


Images of the incident shared at around 10:00 PM on the Facebook page of CCDP, a group of Congolese political activists, prompted an investigation to determine whether the group were responsible for the stunt.

The video shows protesters carrying and waving the flag of the Democratic Republic of Congo in front of the flaming vehicle. The caption "CCDP infos" was written over the footage.

In the post accompanying the video, a message written in French read "for Congo, we are capable of anything."

The incident coincided with a protest which saw hundreds of Congolese demonstrators march to Belgium's foreign affairs ministry, where the Congolese president was expected, as part of his first official visit to Belgium.

The demonstrators called out president Félix Tshisekedi as "illegitimate," and protested against Belgian officials' perceived support for the Congolese leader, who rose to power in December in a contested election.

The public prosecutor is aware of the Facebook post, according to Bruzz, and they are investigating any links between the group and the incident.

Gabriela Galindo

The Brussels Times

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