Belgium in Brief: Getting the best of Europe through rail

Belgium in Brief: Getting the best of Europe through rail

Nothing dispels small-mindedness quite like travel; reaching for new horizons and tasting the foreign gives a refreshing perspective on how things are at home. Especially at a young age, stepping outside your comfort zone and realising that our identity is largely drawn from the human connections we are exposed to is an invaluable lesson.

It's one that is worth being reminded of at any point in life – how many political blunders could have been avoided by spending a brief stint outside the "tribe"? But on the impressionable mind of a young adult they can leave an indelible mark, correcting teenage traits that might be less excusable in later life.

It's what makes the DiscoverEU programme so valuable – the annual initiative that provides 35,000 18-year-olds across the continent with an Interrail pass to explore. Whatever cost is incurred by providing the passes is easily made up by the boost that beneficiaries will bring to local economies, whether through staying in hostels or eating out. But the experience and subsequent appreciation that the lucky winners will keep is priceless.

This doubtlessly influences the EU decision to extend the programme to non-EU nationals, whether those whose home countries aren't yet Member States, or those that have an established and close relation to the bloc – like Norway or Iceland. It's part of the appeal of being "European", an inclusive label that many wear proudly to stress their closeness and goodwill towards others on the continent.

As a UK citizen, it is sad that young Brits can no longer apply for the passes, which remained possible until 2021. Young UK citizens feel strongly that they are the biggest losers of their country's fractious withdrawal from the EU and for the reasons listed above, reopening the DiscoverEU scheme to them would be another way to reconcile the younger generation.

If you're a young Belgian, there are 900 passes available. See here to apply. For the more senior among us, the Interrail pass remains a comfortable and cost-effective means to see Europe.

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