Second mysterious monolith appears in Belgium

Second mysterious monolith appears in Belgium
A second mysterious monolith appeared in Belgium. Credit: Belga

After a first monolith appeared and then disappeared in the Belgian province of East Flanders, a second one has been discovered in the province of Limburg.

Ever since employees of the US state of Utah spotted a strange monolith in the Utah desert in November, many more have appeared and disappeared across the United States and Europe, while skipping Belgium - until one appeared in a potato field on Tuesday.

The potato field monolith disappeared the following day, but on Thursday morning, hikers discovered a new monolith in Kanne, which is part of the municipality of Riemst, Limburg.

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Standing at around 1 metre 80 according to various media, it is smaller than other monoliths being discovered across the world.

Several monoliths were claimed to have been made by art collectives, and the first Belgian monolith was claimed by a carnaval collective. So far, however, the origin of the Limburg monolith remains a mystery.

Jason Spinks

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