Road work in Flanders resumes, Wallonia waits

Road work in Flanders resumes, Wallonia waits
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Over half of the road works in Flanders that were halted due to the coronavirus lockdown have now resumed, Flemish Mobility Minister Lydia Peeters announced on Thursday.

115 of the 186 road works in Flanders have restarted, Peeters told the Flemish Parliament during a discussion on how mobility measures are combatting the new coronavirus (Covid-19).

The significant drop in traffic on Flemish motorways has even allowed for the pace to be picked up on some sites, as the workers can now operate in safer conditions, according to Peeters.

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Meanwhile, road works in Wallonia have yet to restart. They will remain on hold due to the extension of the lockdown, according to Walloon infrastructure financing company Sofico.

As long as the lockdown measures are in place, Wallonia will only carry out works where social distancing can be guaranteed. As a result, only three major road works in Wallonia are currently ongoing, according to Sofico spokesperson Héloise Winandy. These road works are being carried out at a slower pace than initially planned. Belgium’s lockdown, and thus the social distancing measures, was recently extended until at least 3 May.

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