‘Lack of clarity’ for caterers and reception halls criticised

‘Lack of clarity’ for caterers and reception halls criticised
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The Neutral Union for the Self-Employed (SNI) has criticised the “lack of clarity and prospects for caterers and operators of reception halls” following the National Security Council’s latest press conference.

“If a catering service is provided at an event, it is suddenly possible for 200 people (indoors) or 400 (outdoors) in July and even for double the number of people from August onwards. What is the difference between a wedding – one-off by definition – and a ‘one-off’ event,” SNI’s Christine Mattheeuws wondered. “Why this unclear distinction? It is completely illogical.”

“Moreover, the National Security Council has not learned from the past. Once again, no perspective is given on what is possible from September onwards. It’s particularly unfortunate,” she added. The union welcomed the further easing of security measures for markets and shops, however.

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“The maximum limit of 50 stands per market had been questioned for some time,” the union pointed out, saying they were “pleased that this ceiling has been abolished.”

The SNI “had also called for a relaxation of the measures in shops. Today the 30-minute shopping limit and the obligation to shop alone have been lifted. The SNI is pleased that the government has listened to these demands,” the union said.

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