Belgium wants a federal government by 1 October

Belgium wants a federal government by 1 October
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The seven Belgian party presidents who are trying to form a federal government coalition are aiming to "establish the new government by 1 October," they announced in a joint statement on Friday.

The new government should be installed by 1 October, which is when the extension of Wilmès' caretaker government is set to end.

The party leaders also stressed the importance of the current federal minority government having full authority to lead the country until then.

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The mission of royal appointees Egbert Lachaert and Conner Rousseau, who are leading the negotiations for the new coalition, has been extended until 21 September by the King on Friday morning.

"This extension gives the presidents the necessary time to continue working on the coalition agreement and enables them - after the quarantine period - to discuss the appointment of a formateur in physical meetings," they said in a press release.

The extension does not come as a surprise, as the seven party presidents already agreed on a timetable on Thursday, when the extension of the Wilmès government was also decided on.

Maïthé Chini

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