Respect the rules 'before it is too late,' Belgian PM warns

Respect the rules 'before it is too late,' Belgian PM warns
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On Tuesday, Belgium's Prime Minister Sophie Wilmès shared a video message in which she warned the population of the "worrying" rise in coronavirus infections, and urged everyone to take their responsibility before it is too late.

The latest figures are worrying and need to be taken seriously, Wilmès said, adding that the infections are rising in all age groups.

"We knew that if people returned from holidays and went back to work, and resumed certain activities, the virus would circulate more. We are seeing that all over Europe," she said.

However, there is no alternative approach to this crisis than the one that has been in place for months now, according to Wilmès. "We have been fighting the coronavirus together for several months now. There have been difficulties, that is true, but also successes. Let us not forget that."

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"In the middle of the summer, we managed to slow down the resurgence of the epidemic thanks to the measures we took, but above all - and this is the key message - because the vast majority of us followed them," she said.

As a result, Belgium managed to keep the situation under control, which allowed the children to go back to school. "Other countries have also used our approach and results as an example," Wilmès said.

However, the mental fatigue and uncertainty at the moment are very demoralising, as is the multitude of contradictory reports, she said.

"Let us not forget that each and every one of us can be part of the solution. In fact, we are the solution," Wilmès said, before repeating the golden rules that have been in force for several months now.

"It is essential to continue to respect the rules. Essential to protect our friends, our loved ones, our family," she added. "It is now that we have to do it, before it is too late."

The next National Security Council is scheduled for the middle of next week, Wilmès said.

"But, the fight against the coronavirus has to be fought every day. We cannot wait for the next Security Council. Or new measures. It is essential that we make every effort every day to avoid having to take tougher measures," she said.

"The future is in our hands. Now and for many months to come. And in order to succeed, everyone is essential. Take care of yourself and, above all, take care of each other."

Maïthé Chini

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