Cheatsheet: changed measures from 1 October?

Cheatsheet: changed measures from 1 October?
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Belgium’s National Security Council announced the latest measures to stop the further spread of the coronavirus in the country over a week ago, but several of them only come into force from today.

While the start of the new month also brings several non-coronavirus related changes with it, several measures announced by the Security Council on 23 September will start applying.

Across Belgium, wearing a face mask will only be mandatory in crowded places, as well as in previously decided spaces, such as on public transport and in cinemas, for example. It is up to local authorities to decide where the masks remain mandatory.

For the Brussels-Capital Region, specifically, the general obligation has been lifted, but Brussels City released a map showing which streets will still be mandatory mask zones. Additionally, having a face mask with you, even when wearing one is not mandatory, is obligated.

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The mandatory quarantine period will be reduced from 14 days to one week. Depending on your test result, an additional week could be added. An in-depth explication of the new quarantine rules can be found here.

There are no longer any restrictions in terms of time or number of people allowed to go shopping, provided a safe distance is kept at all times.

For professionally organised gatherings, there will no longer be a limit on the maximum number of guests allowed, as it will depend on the capacity of the place. These events will now follow the same rules as the hospitality industry, but the necessary protocols must still be followed. Dance parties are still not allowed.

Despite the relaxed measures, the 6 golden rules (respecting hygiene rules, carrying out activities in the open air if possible, paying attention to vulnerable people, keeping a 1.5 metre distance, limiting close contacts, and respect the rules for gatherings) remain key.

Maïthé Chini

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