The Netherlands only allows essential travel to Belgium

The Netherlands only allows essential travel to Belgium
Credit: Belga

The Netherlands now only allows essential journeys to Belgium, according to the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs' latest update.

Due to the increasing number of coronavirus infections throughout Belgium, the Netherlands changed the colour code of the whole country from 'yellow', meaning there are safety risks, to 'orange', meaning that only necessary travel is allowed.

At the end of September, the whole of Belgium was already regarded as an orange travel area by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, restrictions only applied to travellers entering the Netherlands from the Brussels-Capital Region, the city of Antwerp, and the provinces of Liège and Walloon Brabant.

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While a 10-day quarantine upon return to the Netherlands was only “urgently advised” then, it is mandatory now, according to the authorities.

Belgium, in turn, considers the whole of the Netherlands to be a red zone, except for the province of Zeeland, meaning that all unnecessary journeys are strongly discouraged.

Maïthé Chini

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