‘Don’t use grandparents to take care of grandchildren,’ expert warns

‘Don’t use grandparents to take care of grandchildren,’ expert warns
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Following the news of the extension of the Autumn school holiday in Belgium, parents have been warned not to rely on older relatives to provide childcare.

Urging for the need to keep generations as separate as possible, virologist Steven Van Gucht threw his support behind the decision to extend the autumn vacation to include 11 November, but warned it has to be done correctly.

“I call on the parents to take their responsibility. The children are not allowed to roam the streets in large groups. They must call their children to account for this. As a parent, you have more influence than the government or social media”.

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The last-minute extension of the holidays comes at a time where many parents may have few days off left to take, meaning they could be tempered to rely on grandparents to take care of children, something which Van Gucht has warned against.

“Don’t do it”, he said. “Keep generations apart. A lot of virus is circulating now. A mix between young children and grandparents is and remains a risk. Children who don’t show any symptoms can pass on the virus anyway.”

Jules Johnston
The Brussels Times

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