Over 30% of young people in Flanders do not want to be vaccinated

Over 30% of young people in Flanders do not want to be vaccinated
Credit: Belga

The younger someone in Flanders is, the less willing they are to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, research by the universities of Antwerp (UAntwerpen) and Brussels (VUB) showed.

The research, commissioned by De Standaard and VRT NWS, shows that the willingness to get vaccinated against the coronavirus in Flanders is high in general, but that it decreases along with age.

While in the group of people aged 65 and over, 93% wants to get vaccinated, that percentage drops to 75% in the 36-45 age category, and further to 66% for 18-25-year olds.

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As a result, however, it is not certain that the vaccination target of 80% of the entire adult population – the Flemish threshold that was announced for allowing large festivals in August – will definitely be reached.

On Thursday morning, the Superior Health Council published a recommendation to also vaccinate teenagers aged 16 and 17, after the adult population has received their shot.

Vaccinating this age group, which represents around 2.16% of the Belgian population, will contribute to increasing the overall percentage of the Belgian population that is vaccinated, according to the Council.

Last Sunday, Flemish Welfare Minister Wouter Beke had already said that he wanted all teenagers aged 16 and 17 in Flanders to get their first dose of a coronavirus vaccine by 11 July, but that he was waiting for the opinion of the Superior Health Council.

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