Holidaymakers can still get second shot during 'catch-up' in late August

Holidaymakers can still get second shot during 'catch-up' in late August
Credit: Sven Scheuermeier/Unsplash

People who missed their second vaccination because of holiday plans, for example, during the summer will get a catch-up opportunity from the end of August, according to the Flemish Care and Health Agency.

As vaccination centres are receiving a lot of questions from worried citizens who cannot get their second shot in time, centres are currently communicating that there will be a catch-up opportunity.

"People will have to register for it themselves, but that catch-up moment is going to happen," spokesperson for the Care and Health Agency Joris Moonens told the Belga news agency.

While the Agency again stressed the importance of making sure you are free for both your first and your second shot, it already stated that some sort of catch-up moment would be organised after the holidays, as the authorities realised "that the puzzle work [was] easier said than done, especially for families."

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This means that people who missed their first chance will still be able to get their second dose, albeit after a less optimal interval, according to Moonens.

"However, that is better than no second shot at all,” he said, adding that the second dose is important for people's protection against the variants in particular, as well as for their long-term protection.

Announcing a more precise timing than "from the end of August, early September" is not yet possible, as much will depend on available vaccine stocks, said Moonens.

The Agency is first waiting for clarification about the deliveries and stocks, and will then launch an information campaign with all details for the population, according to him.

Additionally, people who do have the option to do the puzzle work can also rebook their first appointment to make sure none of their doses clashes with their holiday plans.

From the moment your invitation is sent, you have 30 days to make an appointment. If the proposed time slot does not work for you, you can choose another free moment, explained Moonens on Flemish radio in early June.

“However, as many people want to get vaccinated as soon as possible, slots usually fill up pretty quickly, leaving very few free slots open to choose from,” he added.

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