STIB will broadcast match updates on all services

STIB will broadcast match updates on all services
Credit: STIB

Brussels transport operator STIB is showing its support for Belgium's national football team during the European Football Championship, which kicks off on Friday, by showing the scores on Belgian match days and playing a reworked version of the national anthem.

From Saturday, when the Belgian Red Devils will be playing Russia in their first match of the championship, the live scores of the Belgian matches will be displayed on the screens in stations and at stops.

Meanwhile, a revised version of the national anthem the Brabançonne will be played twice an hour (more frequently on Belgian match days) on all vehicles of the STIB network and in all its stations.

The remixed Dutch/French version of the national anthem and a video clip to go alongside it were made in cooperation with two Brussels hip-hop artists, Chibi Ichigo and Eddy Ape, in an effort by STIB to support the Brussels cultural sector, which was hit hard by the coronavirus crisis and resulting lockdowns.

Listen to the revised version here:

STIB has also decorated two of its buses in the Belgian national colours - black, yellow and red - which will be travelling throughout the city.

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On 17 June, the Red Devils will be playing against Denmark and on 21 June, they are scheduled to face Finland. Based on the results of these matches, it will be decided whether the team makes it to the second round of the championship.

On Friday night, the championship will kick off, with the Turkey-Italy match at 21:00 PM.

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