Police start daily protests today

Police start daily protests today
Credit: Belga

Police unions have announced daily protest actions starting today, Monday, and lasting for over two months. These will be a mix of one-off actions as well as increased traffic controls, Belga News Agency reports.

Unions are taking action over changes being made that will affect personnel at the end of their careers, as well as against the lack of progress in negotiations for an increase in salaries. Another unsuccessful meeting last week between unions and police management has led federal police to give strike notice. Regional police are expected to give notice during the week of similar actions.

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“Police actions will increase progressively,” warned Vincent Houssin, president of the SLFP Police union. At first, these will be carried out by union activists before growing to include police forces more widely.

“All transportation will be affected, whether on roads, in ports, or air,” said Joery Dehaes (CSC Police). “Furthermore, more general law and order services will also be affected.

Strikes already took place at the end of October at Brussels Zaventem and Charleroi airports, leading to delayed flights and cancellations.

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