Further police strikes possible at Brussels airports on Saturday

Further police strikes possible at Brussels airports on Saturday
Credit: Belga

Planned police strikes at Brussels airport on Friday led to delays and missed flights and action might continue at Zaventem and Charleroi airports on Saturday, warned the police union secretary Joery Dehaes.

Although the ACV Christian union has not formally organised actions, Dehaes said that "our members are keen to make progress and it is, therefore, possible that spontaneous strike actions will happen on Saturday." The weekend marks the first day of the autumn holiday period and the airport has already put measures in place to deal with an influx of passengers.

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On Friday, approximately 100 passengers missed their flight from Brussels Airport and numerous from Charleroi airport owing to police strikes that lead to long queues. The airport had already advised passengers to arrive earlier than usual for flights in order to allow airport staff time to check that individual travellers have the necessary coronavirus paperwork allowing them to depart.

The strikes come after ongoing salary disputes between police and airport management. Although not currently announced, Dehaes cautioned that continued strike action on Sunday was still possible.

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