Netherlands approaches 6,000 new coronavirus cases per day

Netherlands approaches 6,000 new coronavirus cases per day
Credit: Belga

The Netherlands recorded 5,983 new cases of coronavirus between Thursday morning and Friday morning, a new daily record, the Dutch Royal Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) announced.

The previous record lasted only one day, with 5,829 new positive cases the day before. The initial figure was 5,831, but this was revised on Friday.

Some 34,000 new infections have been recorded over the past seven days. For comparison, that's almost a quarter of the total number of cases registered in Belgium since the start of the pandemic (that number stands at 143,596).

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Amsterdam has recorded 493 new cases in the last 24 hours, while Rotterdam recorded 446 and The Hague 411. In Utrecht, 218 new cases were recorded.

The number of recorded deaths is 14, but this does not mean that these people have died in the last 24 hours. This information is sometimes transmitted with a delay. Thirteen deaths were reported between Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.

Almost 162,000 people have tested positive since the beginning of the pandemic in the Netherlands. The number of confirmed cases has doubled has doubled in a month. On 11 September, the figures were just under 80,000.

If the current rate of infection continues, the 200,000 mark will be crossed at the end of next week.

The Netherlands is currently nearly entirely listed as a red travel zone, with a Covid-19 test and quarantine mandatory upon return, on Belgium's Ministry of Foreign Affairs' travel map.

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