Under 3.5% of Belgium has been vaccinated so far

Under 3.5% of Belgium has been vaccinated so far
Credit: Belga

Belgium's latest figures show that 3.41% of people aged 18 and over have been fully vaccinated so far, while 5.54% of the adult population have at least received their first dose.

According to data from Sciensano, 509,948 people received the first dose of vaccine, representing 5.54% of the adult population.  In addition, 314,319 second injections have been administered, meaning that 3.41% of people aged 18 and over have been vaccinated.

Nearly 200,000 doses of vaccine are now available and are reserved for caregivers, Sabine Stordeur of the task force on vaccination explained. Their priority is "neither a favour nor a privilege, it is a question of offering every citizen the chance to be able to count on them in case of need," she added.

She also stressed that the vaccination strategy was continually adapted and that any suggestions were analysed "without blinkers or preconceived ideas."

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Asked whether it would be appropriate to allow general practitioners to carry out injections during mass vaccination, Stordeur ruled out this possibility.

"The current logistics are not compatible with vaccination in doctors' surgeries in view of the preservation" of the products, some of which must be stored at extreme negative temperatures.

Moreover, when a vial is opened, it is compulsory to vaccinate at least 10 people within six hours, at the risk of losing the product.

Finally, the task force believes that distributing small quantities to a large number of doctors will not speed up the vaccination of the population.

"However, doctors have a crucial role to play, especially in reaching people who cannot get to vaccination centres" and in motivating their patients to get vaccinated.

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