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Around 900,000 vaccines expected in Belgium next week

© Abel F. Ros/Wikimedia

Belgium’s vaccination campaign will receive another boost next week with the delivery of 898,230 coronavirus vaccines,  according to Dirk Ramaekers, head of the Vaccination Taskforce.

Of the nearly 900,000 vaccines expected, 396,630 doses are from Pfizer, 52,800 from Moderna, 386,400 from AstraZeneca and 62,400 from Johnson & Johnson. It is unknown how many vaccines will be sent to Belgium in the following weeks as the delivery schedule of AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson is not yet known for May.

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“AstraZeneca is still assessing the situation from week to week. Johnson & Johnson will normally provide us with the May schedule next week,” said Dirk Ramaekers. “We will probably receive the delivery on 29 April with a slightly lower number of doses. This is due to a late shipment from the US. This will have little impact as the delivery is still limited. We expect compliant deliveries for May and June.”

According to the table provided by the taskforce, the number of vaccines delivered by Pfizer will double from the week of 31 May to more than 730,000 doses per week.

The Brussels Times